Life changing outdoor education for students!

Outdoor education condenses core skills into an adventurous package!

We mature and grow through interaction with our world. Our children grow up in a fast paced environment where all services are provided and all interactions are regulated. To foster self-reliant, open minded and self-confident adults, we offer to bring students to a slow paced straight forward environment, where core life skills come to the foreground. The outdoors!

Working together in small teams, students get hands on experience in organizing group tasks themselves, the realities of group dynamics and how to deal with an ever changing environment with limited resources. Away from familiar people, familiar environments, the hyper connectivity of high speed internet and 24h shops, students learn self-management and the value of teamwork to overcome challenges. Skills that are invaluable on the path from the educational environment to the realities of adulthood.

Ugh… sounds tough. Not at all! As trained and experienced pedagogues, we believe learning can be achieved through playful discovery and adventure. What better way to open our minds than on an exciting journey?! Pack your bags, we’re leaving the nest!

What makes Days on Trails different from other companies offering student travel?

Our guides are highly educated specialists in their field and we work with top quality service providers!
  • Our guides are UIMLA International Mountain leaders. The worldwide reference for mountain & wilderness leadership with a high emphasis on environmental and cultural education.


  • Our team meets all the requirements to run & assess the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.
  • Our partner Georgia Hardy Tours Inc. is a specialist in educational travel with more than 25 years of experience in the industry.
  • Our guides are college and university educated! Among our team we have – among others – a bachelor degree in pedagogical science and a Master of Science in Biology.

  • Combined, our core guides have nearly 2 decades of experience in teaching and group managment.

  • We try to distinguish ourselves with quality – not the lowest price. Compromise is seldom the best solution. Certainly not when it comes to your children.

They are in charge of their own adventure! You learn the most from what you do yourself.

As part of their journey, the students will have the freedom to make many of the decisions themselves. Don’t worry, we’re not throwing anybody in the deep end without proper preparation! We believe that after some guidance and practice, students are quickly able to tackle real life scenarios on their own. We provide a safe framework in which there’s room for mistakes, and in which the goal is success experiences!

What's involved in their journey?

Remember, the heart of the journey is the undertaking of a purposeful experience with people who are not their usual companions, working towards a common goal. Adding to this, they are also in an unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar people. The goal is rewarding them with a sense of personal achievement, enhanced social connections, and a truly life changing experience.

  • Using teamwork, students will (partially) create their own journey in collaboration with their mentors. By planning days themselves, they learn how to manage time, budgets, navigation and safety.

  • Responsible and sustainable travel is a big topic. Through peer teaching, discussions and activities, the students will become conscious of the environmental, cultural and economic impacts of traveling.

  • Self-care and mutual responsibility. Maintaining (personal) hygiene, using outdoor gear, food handling and having an eye for mutual wellbeing is a big part of any outdoor adventure. With the help of their mentors, students practice taking charge of their responsibilities to themselves and each other.

  • Appreciation of environmental and cultural diversity. Few places in our world are identical. By experiencing different countries with their particular climates, fauna, flora and cultural traditions, students come to understand that culture is often closely tied to the environment and that there is beauty in diversity.

How it works.​

Before the journey:
  • We will discuss possibilities for destinations and itineraries to find a good match between your budget, time of travel, level of ambition and learning objectives.

  • We will provide detailed pre-departure information for the teachers, parents and students and are available to discuss any questions or concerns.
During the journey:

Generally speaking, we offer two broad types of experiences. These are just indicative and can be designed to be a balanced mix, or to closely match the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

  • Adventurous journey: The idea is to give the students a genuine outdoors adventure, which they play a key part in planning and executing. Camping, hiking or other outdoor sports such as mountain biking or canoeing can all be part of this experience.

  • Exploration journey: Less outdoorsy than the “adventurous journey”, we put more emphasis on project work and exploring outlined subjects. Usually supported by indoor accommodation, this type of journey is well suited to studying culture and history.

Ask us about example itineraries! Most of the destinations we offer to adult trekking groups can be tailored to suit youth groups depending on the time of year.


Learning is a cycle that doesn’t stop after we’ve done something. If desired, we can help the teachers develop classroom materials to help the students reflect on the – no doubt intense – experience they’ve just gone through. Together with the preparation and the actual journey, this ensures we offer a complete didactic package to deliver a valuable learning experience!

We look forward to discussing educational journeys with you. Our goal is nothing less than t aking your students on an adventure that will set them up for a lifetime of confident travel and exploration!