Trekking adventures by passionate certified guides!

Getting out on trails – and if there are none – into the wilderness! Days on Trails was founded by experienced guides that are passionate about trekking in remote and wild areas. Throughout our years in the field, we have become more and more convinced that pure trekking adventures don’t need to be out of reach of the capabilities of most people.

Our focus is not on highly exclusive and luxurious “expeditions”. Instead, we invite people to join us in exploring raw nature that is often hidden in plain sight! Why walk the beaten path of the bucket list treks? Why feel like you’re not strong enough or will never know enough to be independent in the mountains?

It is our goal, to take you to the lesser known. To open your eyes to blind spots on the map and to share our craft & tips so you too can have these experiences – and if you wish so – grow into a confident backcountry explorer.

Our trips are designed by the guides themselves!

Every guide has areas (s)he’s enthousiastic about and eager to share with others. We want to take you places we like to visit ourselves, and like to do it the way we’d do it ourselves. Guides are free to propose trips themselves, design them and then lead them. Not the other way around where an agent buys a collection of standard services and then finds a person to follow a dotted line and hand out vouchers.

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