Days on Trails

Canoe Country - Dalsland (Sweden)

A week long guided canoe trekking & wild camping adventure in Sweden

Quick overview

  • Roam enormous lake systems in two person canoes.
  • By night we wild camp on the shores or small islands. Bonfire and BBQ anyone?! Don’t forget to bring your hammock!
  • Easy flat water paddling accessible for novices. No previous experience required.
  • Flexibility! We don’t need to exhaust ourselves reaching fixed sites. We adapt to the conditions & group in our route choices.
  • Experience the Swedish landscapes from the comforts of a private transfer.
  • Like fishing? We can arrange a permit!

Dalsland Nordmarken is one of Europe’s most beautiful lake systems. Around the branched, almost 10,000 km ² large water surface extends a hilly landscape and a lot of real, wild nature. Discovering these on a multi-day canoe trip is a very special experience.

After getting our Nature Conservation Cards, we can choose from over a hundred simple campsites hidden on the shores and small islands. If you enjoy fishing, we can get a fishing license too! Our goal is to relax and enjoy being disconnected while exploring the landscapes from the water. We’re not racing to complete a circuit! Each day, we’ll enjoy a peaceful breakfast, spend most of the day paddling and exploring at a pace enjoyable for the whole group, until we settle on a new campsite sometime late in the afternoon. After setting up our new camp, we relax around a bonfire and use the hot coal to BBQ together. Lot’s of trees everywhere! So bring a lightweight hammock!

04/10/2020 – 10/10/2020

Date doesn’t work for you? Just contact us!

Departure is guaranteed at 6 participants. To keep the group small enough to ensure a quality experience, we have a maximum number of 10 participants. 

Don’t wait too long to sign up! 6 Participants is easily reached and as soon as departure is guaranteed, we’ll let you know so you can still book cheap tickets well before departure! Last minute flights/trains are always more expensive.


2020 price: EUR 900 / CAD 1350 / USD 1050

Book your trip!

To book, simply email us your interest ( and we will respond with detailed information.

Feel free to mail/call us with any questions you might have!

What’s Included
  • UIMLA International Mountain leader & Wilderness First Responder 
  • Canoe + all needed paddling related accessories
  • All in country private transport from Göteborg Central until we’re back in Göteborg Central.
  • Three nights at campsite (first, second and last)
  • Nature Conservation Card (permit to wild camp in the area)
  • Support from the Days on Trails team in the build-up to the adventure.
What’s not Included
  • International travel to Göteborg airport. (Advice and ticket booking services can be provided)
  • Food & drinks (We will shop together. Canoe trekking means you can pack loads of fresh food. We will visit a well stocked supermarket before setting out.)
  • Personal clothing / camping gear (we can help you with rental gear if needed)
  • Anything not in “Included”

Note: Ground conditions, weather & group factors may lead to changes in the program by the guide(s). The goal is always to offer the best possible experience, but safety & wellbeing are always the priority and basis of all decisions made.

Day 1 – Sunday – Meeting & reaching the start point

We aim to meet at Göteborg Central Station at bus terminal stop nr 38 latest 14.30. A bus will take us to Bengtsfors where we’ll settle into our lakeside campsite with showers and sanitary facilities. Depending on time, we either go food shopping now or next morning.

Day 2 – Monday  – Getting the hang of it!

We’ll spend the morning packing up our canoes and will spend the day learning how to efficiently paddle a canoe with two persons. After some instruction, we make a little training trip and spend another night in the comfort of the campsite.

Day 3 – Tuesday – Into the wild!

After our last kit checks, we load all of our supplies into the canoes and head out! We’ll spend the next 4 days and 4 nights exploring the lake system and wild camping. Where each day leads us is entirely up to us. We aim to fill most of the day with exploring and relaxed paddling while making sure there’s enough time for breakfast, snack breaks and relaxing evenings in camp. Unless in the very unlikely event of extreme drought, we can make bonfires at the campsites (which are just designated places with simple shelters – no facilities) and use the hot coal to grill the fresh packed meat/fish we’ll bring. We enjoy cooking together. This is your chance to show off your best camp cooking recipes! If you enjoy fishing, we can also arrange for a fishing permit for you. If you catch some fresh fish for us to cook, you’ll certainly be the hero of the day!

Day 6 – Friday – Hot showers!

On our last day, we arrange a pick-up and arrive back at the lakeside campsite we started out from. Those who wish can upgrade their stay to a cabin depending on availability. We’ll enjoy using sanitary facilities after our week out in the wild and spend one final night at the lake before heading back the next day.

Day 7 – Saturday October 5 – All good things come to an end…

We take the morning train back to Göteborg with the goal of arriving in time to catch our flights back home.

None. All you need is common sense and a willingness to try something new! Our canoes and kayaks are stable and the equipment is easy and reliable to operate under normal weather conditions. You will share a canoe with another person so there will be two of you to share the effort!

We aim to share canoes between 2 people, not only for the social experience, but also for load carrying reasons. We will be transporting our camp gear and supplies in waterproof barrels. Unless we’re an uneven number of participants, you’ll be much better off sharing the effort of paddling a loaded boat. In case we have an uneven number, we can look at either 3 person canoes or adding on single kayaks. But, again, the goal is to share paddling canoes.

Please check out our “summer bivouac kit list” on our website. This should cover anything you need. A good addition would be some good dry bags, but we can store most, if not all of the gear in waterproof barrels while on the water. You don’t necessarily need to bing a trekking backpack. A good sturdy duffel bag can work as well. When in doubt, ask us.

Staying at a wilderness campsite is very different than staying at a campground. The campgrounds at the first and last night offer facilities such as toilets and showers. If you want you can even upgrade to a cabin! The wilderness campsites are completely surrounded by nature and by staying here, you agree to be on nature’s terms. In addition to wind shelters, most campsites also have a few tent sites and places to make fire, but no showers. Some sites have dry toilets, but often, there won’t be any toilets available. We recommend the book “How to shit in the woods”. It’s a great life skill!

Camp chores are a part of wild camping. We’ll spend a good portion of the day collecting and processing firewood together. A good fire warms you twice! Once while collecting, and once again while enjoying the pile of fuel while sharing drinks and stories.

On day 1 (Sunday) you should be at Göteborg central station no later than 14.30. 

On day 7 (Saturday), we aim to be back in Göteborg by noon (12:00) so people can catch afternoon flights.

As with any product or service, you will find seemingly similar offers at different price ranges. Offering something “cheap” usually means selling something in high volumes or compromising on quality. As a small dedicated team, we do neither. We are not a large operator that (re)sells bulk trips, to which we assign volunteers as leaders. Instead we do nearly all trip development “in-house” and assign only experienced and qualified leaders. This comes at a cost both for us and our guests. Compromise often comes at the expense of the guest. Remember, this might be your main holiday this year!

There are some rather small wolf packs in the region. But there are no accidents that have been reported in modern times. If you should get close to moose in nature, we recommend not to approach them, especially if they are with offspring.

Southern Sweden in fall usually has mild and stable weather. We can expect 10 – 15°C during the day (warmer on very good days) and temperatures dropping at night, but staying above freezing. On average, October is not much dryer or wetter than the rest of the warm season.

As much as we intend to avoid setbacks, they can be expensive. It is compulsory to prove that you have travel insurance covering search & rescue and repatriation. We strongly advise you to get cancellation insurance so you don’t lose any non-refundable deposits in case you can’t make it to a trip because of circumstances or due to unsafe weather conditions or natural disasters. For Canadians, travel insurance may be purchased through Georgia Hardy Tours Inc. at the time of registration. GHT and its insurance partner, T.I.P.S, offer a wide range of travel insurance plans, including but not limited to: Ultimate, All-Inclusive, Emergency Medical, Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption. People from Europe have multiple options available from insurance providers and can be purchased online. Feel free to contact us for advice.

US, Canadian and EU citizens don’t need a visa to visit Sweden. EU citizens only need and ID valid for the duration of their stay and US or Canadian citizens need a passport valid for three months beyond the length of stay.

It is important that you let us know about any pre-existing medical conditions you have so that we can make sure we can support you fully throughout the trip. If you are concerned that a medical condition will prevent you from completing the activity, it is essential that you see your doctor and show them the itinerary. Please remember that failing to declare a medical condition could invalidate your insurance, and if there is an incident, put yourself, our guides and other members of the group at risk.