Scottish Winter Wilderness

Full week wilderness trekking adventure in the Scottish Highlands

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Bedouin Trek

Exploring the Moroccan Sahara Berber style.

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Peaks of the Balkans

Trek through some of the most raw and remote areas of Europe!

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Iceland's Hidden Interior

Into the most remote and otherworldly parts of the island away from the clichés.

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Canoe Country

Canoe trekking and wild camping in Sweden

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Days on Trails

Pure trekking adventures by passionate certified guides

Getting out on trails – and if there are none – into the wilderness! Days on Trails was founded by experienced guides that are passionate about trekking in remote and wild areas. Throughout our years in the field, we have become more and more convinced that pure trekking adventures don’t need to be out of reach of the capabilities of most people.

Our focus is not on highly exclusive and luxurious “expeditions”. Instead, we invite people to join us in exploring raw nature that is often hidden in plain sight! Why walk the beaten path of the bucket list treks? Why feel like you’re not strong enough or will never know enough to be independent in the mountains?

It is our goal, to take you to the lesser known. To open your eyes to blind spots on the map and to share our craft & tips so you too can have these experiences – and if you wish so – grow into a confident backcountry explorer.

Our logo

The rune “Naudhiz” symbolizes the imbalance between what we have, and what we need. We are forced to self-reflection by discomforts that appear during our interaction with our world. What might seem negative at first, is also the driving force behind inner growth and what drives us to dig deeper, to look further. Why do we go into deserts and mountains? The answer is different for all of us. What we find, is our real needs and priorities, acceptance of limitations, support through hardships, and a deep appreciation of the raw beauty of our natural world.

Our adventures

Certified guides are the beating heart of our company!


How do you as a guest, know that the person you entrust yourself in, has the experience, training and personality to take the best possible care of you? When joining a trip, you trust us with your valueable time, your physical safety and psychological integrity. We take this very seriously!

We work exclusively with guides holding internationally recognized certifications in guiding and first aid!

Guiding is synonymous for a constant complex decision making process. A guide is first and foremost a person with a broad personal experience. This experience is a prerequisite to be allowed to start multi-year courses. During the curriculum, aspirants are trained and tested, on a wide range of technical skills, environmental knowledge, physiology and group managment.  A certified guide has proven to meet internationally agreed upon standards, that have been brought into existence to protect guests hiring guided services. The guide’s decision making process is the basis of enjoyable and safe experiences in remote areas!

Our trips are designed by the guides themselves!

Every guide has areas (s)he’s enthousiastic about and eager to share with others. We want to take you places we like to visit ourselves, and like to do it the way we’d do it ourselves. Guides are free to propose trips themselves, design them and then lead them. Not the other way around where an agent buys a collection of standard services and then finds a person to follow a dotted line and hand out vouchers.

What our guests had to say

I highly recommend going on a trip with Days on Trails We went to Iceland in April and the weather conditions forced us to change plans a lot. Dieter always found a solution, keeping in mind the safety and ability of the entire group. He discussed every decision he had to make with the group and explained why he choose one thing over another. He didn’t keep from making the less popular decision in favour of safety, which I really appreciate. Apart from the great guiding, you could tell he is extremely passionate for these kind of trips, and it was truly inspiring to have such a professional, enthusiastic guide.

Dorien Eerdekens
Data Analyst
I would highly recommend trekking with Days on Trails to anyone who is curious. I had an amazing experience in the Cairngorms this winter. Every day was treated differently to factor the weather, ground conditions and the groups ability. This was all dealt with quickly and professionally to ensure the group had a safe and enjoyable experience. The amazing guides catered for any of our needs, and were able to supply us with gear anx plenty of advice where needed. Most importantly though you could tell that the guides were truly passionate for this kind of excursion. Their enthusiasm and profssionalism displayed was inspiring and I couldn't recommend Days on Trails enough!
Thomas Lecyn
Film student

It is my pleasure to be able to comment about Dieter and his guiding during our trekking trip in Greenland. The venture came with some risks and not without hiccups ( not of Dieters doing) and he handled all the events admirably. His organisational skills obtained from his education and military background are immediately apparent and as a result he has both the experience and calmness and clarity which are essential when guiding a group with varying skills and fitness through untracked terrain, where water and weather hazards must be dealt with as you go and where the level of local support is at best inconsistent. Quite a challenge.
Dieter is a very capable guide with an inclusive approach to his work. He has a very agreeable personality , full of interesting stories and experiences and is great at being both one of the team and getting the best out of the group.
My only reservation is he makes crap pancakes!

Bruce Taylor