Matching your experience

We've designed and delivered adventures ranging from educational travel for minors, coaching adventures for professionals, classic multi-day alpine hiking for families up to advanced winter expeditions.

planning and logistics

You focus on having the experience while we take care of the nitty gritty. Our team is there to assist you throughout the life cycle of your adventure. We're there to help you get ready and to deal with any issues that may appear.

enabling the experience

Whether you prefer us to be subtle background support , leading instructors or anything in between, we have a team of experienced & certified guides supported by an on-call office team focused on quality service.

Guiding is synonymous for a constant complex decision making process.

When joining us, you trust us with your valuable time, your physical safety and psychological integrity. We take this very seriously! This is why we make the conscious choice to work exclusively with experienced guides holding certifications. Most travel companies will never mention qualifications, because more often than not, they have none. We don’t make it easy on ourselves, because we choose quality over quantity.

What makes a certified guide different?

A guide is first and foremost a person with a broad personal experience. This experience is a prerequisite to be allowed to start multi-year courses. During the curriculum, aspirants are trained and tested on a wide range of – among others – technical skills, environmental knowledge, sports physiology, risk managment and group managment.  A certified guide has proven to meet internationally agreed upon standards, that have been brought into existence to protect guests hiring guided services. The guide’s decision making process is the basis of enjoyable and safe experiences in remote areas! More and more countries are writing guiding and sports instructorship, making qualifications a legal requirement. We applaud this development.

Dieter van holder

founder - designer - guide

Dieter has been leading or teaching in one form or the other for the last decade. As soon as he graduated college with a bachelor degree in pedagogics and geography, he volunteered for the Belgian armed forces where he was trained as a non-commisioned officer in the infantry. Eventually he took up guiding full-time and became a glacier & wilderness guide in Iceland and Greenland where he spent years guiding on hard ice, glaciated summits and wilderness areas both winter and summer. Dieter is specialized in the Alps and Iceland. Dieter founded D.o.T out of passion for pure trekking adventures where the style is not to "lead from the front", but to enable a memorable experience.

Rebecca Murray

designer - guide

Rebecca is a highly competent trekking and climbing guide who has experience leading trips throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Throughout the year she splits her time between Scotland and Chamonix France, always hunting for epic climbs and ski runs. Rebecca also coaches corporate personal development programmes and adventure therapy expeditions for people in underprivileged circumstances. Most of all Rebecca is an authentic guide who loves to share her passion for mountains and wild places. Her groups enjoy her friendly and warm personality that is continually striving for each individual to get more than they thought they could out of every trips she leads.

Alex Kendall

designer - guide

Alex is a podium finishing ultra runner and author of multiple guidebooks. While mostly leading groups on walking trips all over the UK, from the Devon coast right up to the Highlands of Scotland in winter, Alex has led young people on expeditions to the Himalaya, Tanzania, Southern India, Zambia and Oman. With a MSc in Conservation and Forest Protection - and a BSc in Biology, few other guides we know can share as much about life in hostile environments, while also keeping up on all day trail running epics! While studying for his degree in Biology and Masters in Conservation he was also involved in two expeditions to the Borneo rainforest, and led an expedition to Svalbard.

Melina Mancini

sales director - support coordinator

For almost two decades, Melina has brought her infectious enthusiasm and wealth of travel experience to enliven the journey for travelers. As client liaison for the company today, she is the first point of contact for all travellers and suppliers. Her passion for travel started when she studied Italian language and culture in Siena, Italy on a study abroad program. From there, she moved to Scotland, Spain, Ireland and currently lives in Toronto. After leading student, cultural and cycling programs, she became increasingly passionate about the unique nature of mountain- and wilderness adventures. There's always a high chance of having her with us out in the wilds!

our network

guides - coaches - locals - professionals

Everyone knows something you don't! We count ourselves fortunate to be part of a worldwide network of wonderful and highly skilled individuals we can call on. Whether we need an extra guide, someone with a very specialized skill or specific local knowledge, we're probably only one person separated from the answer to a question. We try to work with locals and within the local economy whenever possible. We value our relationships with the people we work with and aim to build healthy cooperations. Our team is nothing without our guests and peers.

The rune “Naudhiz” symbolizes the imbalance between what we have, and what we need. We are forced to self-reflection by discomforts that appear during our interaction with our world. What might seem negative at first, is also the driving force behind inner growth and what drives us to dig deeper, to look further. 

Why do we go into deserts and mountains? The answer is different for all of us. What we find is more often withing ourselves. Silence, resilience, suppressed instincts come alive. A strength you didn’t know you have. Independence, friendship… We can’t tell you “why”. But we can do our best to show you “what”.

I’ve just returned from a hike in the Scottish Highlands, the Cairngorms. As a novice in multiple day, self supported hiking, I had little experience and knowledge of the equipment to take with me and what to expect. Dieter explained everything in advance and left no question unanswered to make me prepare as good as possible.

On site, every decision that was made was put before the group. All alternatives were discussed in relation to three factors, the terrain , the conditions (weather, time at hand, snow or ice on the track, …) and the people (tired or fit, experienced, …) and lots more. This way everybody could follow the decision process and knew why certain decisions were made. I loved this approach and learned a lot.

At the same time there was a lot of attention to the well being of every person and the group as a whole. All this resulted in a great ambiance during the hikes an in the evenings. I recognise we were lucky with the weather but this was a great adventure and an experience to never forget and .... to repeat even!

Christoffel Janssens


It is my pleasure to be able to comment about Dieter and his guiding during our trekking trip in Greenland. The venture came with some risks and not without hiccups ( not of Dieters doing) and he handled all the events admirably. His organisational skills obtained from his education and military background are immediately apparent and as a result he has both the experience and calmness and clarity which are essential when guiding a group with varying skills and fitness through untracked terrain, where water and weather hazards must be dealt with as you go and where the level of local support is at best inconsistent. Quite a challenge.
Dieter is a very capable guide with an inclusive approach to his work. He has a very agreeable personality , full of interesting stories and experiences and is great at being both one of the team and getting the best out of the group.
My only reservation is he makes crap pancakes!

Bruce Taylor

New Zealand

I just finished the Nupsstadarskogar to Skaftafell hiking / backing trip (5days/4 nights). This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Our guide was Dieter Van Holder who was so informative about the Geology, Folklore, most scenic routes and History of the region. Crossing the glacier Vatnajokull was beyond words and likewise the canyons, valleys and mountains that we witnessed and crossed. Whether you were an experienced hiker or rookie like myself, Dieter made sure everyone was comfortable and having a great time. A passionate and experienced guide truly makes all the difference!

Patrick Durkin

United States

How can I describe Dieter? From working with him as a colleague, he's very organized and calculating which makes him very comfortable to work with. He is also very service minded and a great team player. His commitment is 100% and will walk through fire for the group. One of his other great sides, he is kind, self reflecting and curious to the unknown. Thats why I would highly recommend Dieter as your guide. 

Staffan Wallner


I have known Dieter for many years, and have shared several great adventures with him. He is always diligent, prepared and considers people safety as utmost priority. Dieter is also a great educator and always took the time to explain his decisions as well as teach us skills on our trips. I highly recommend him as a guide and outdoor educator. 

Georgia Akiki


During the time we worked together, I clearly saw that Dieter is a reliable and professional guide. I admire the effort he has made and the passion he has for his own education and training as a guide. His experience and knowledge in the field allows him to create an unforgettable experience for his clients and keep them safe at the same time.

Sigurrós Arnardóttir


Over the last few years I have been consistently impressed with Dieter’s client focused outlook. He is constantly looking to educate himself for the benefit of his guests and it shows, both in terms of the feedback he gets and the returning clientele he generates. He is always professional, safe and very well informed.

Tom King

United Kingdom

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